How To Test Your Alarm System

Call your Monitoring Station to let them know that you will be testing your Alarm System & for how long. Entend your esimated time by one hour.

Go to your keypad and arm your system in AWAY mode with your four-digit access code, as if you are leaving the house.

After 5 minutes of setting the alarm to arm open your main entry door or a window and let it open past the delay time (approx. 60 seconds).

Allow the siren to sound for at least 20 seconds

Close the door and turn off the Alarm System.

Set the system again in AWAY mode and set off your next protected zone.

You will proceed with this process for each protected zone that you choose to test.

Once you are finished with testing all of the zones you will call your Monitoring Station to let them know that you are done & to find out
what activations were received.

(We do recommend that you test your Alarm System Devices on a monthly basis to be sure that the System is communicating)

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